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In partnership with the trading support comapny GTE, Derivsocial entend to vary its activities and model to help followers of this site to get trading support content as most of followers are requesting this.

GTE is very good at trading automations. You can get your old macros robots run again in 2022 with GTE alternatives. GTE can install their browser and install the imacros that goes with it.


GTE will publish videos of their automations from our YouTube channel so you can appreciate and judge by yourself.

Order installation service with GTE here: Special Browser & iMacros installation

Contact the service installation team : Robots department team Contact

GTE General support team:

Account management department:

GTE Roboting Center :

Custom Work projects for privates and companies, turn strategy to a software, MT4 and MT5 indicators, High return software under request for use or for reselling: