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On, you can review, report and search before investing online.

Check the Derivtrust index of the company for your security. Even well rated companies on other sites do not necessarily get a good Deriv trust score Index. Derivtrust index is extremely strict and demanding for a company to get 5 stars. That's why a company that got a deriv trust score of four (4) to five (5) stars, is undeniably an excellent company. Because Deriv trust requirements for companies are the most difficult to pass. Derivtrust insists much on the user end. As example below are some requirements.

-The company (online or physical) Must be licenced and recognized

-It must have a verifiable address, phone number and mailing address

-The owner(s) must be verified and known

-They must have a very transparent Business

-They must have a minimum of financial reserves to run the business at least for 5 full years.

-Verifiable financing and sources

-Must at least have 90% of satisfied customers

-The customer support service must be excellent (Only 5 reported frustrations allowed, no more)

-Phone , chat , email and mailing assistance must all work and customer should be able to use them all

-No customers fund holding over 90 days.

-Buyer protection and priority over seller

-In case of refunds /chargeback 3 to 7 days is the maximum waiting time for the customer to get refund

- Customer compensation in case of company mistake or error

-The support agents must be available, gracious, patient and very helpful

-The company should and must respect all their customers without distinction of race and gender

-be present and satisfy at least 95% of all user demands.

These are some  of the requirements for companies to get a good Deriv trust score a good Deriv trust score ranges from 4 to 5 stars. Even three stars is not good it's just fair.

As an example is a company that have (3 stars in trustpilot) but got 1 star as Deriv trust score it's very bad this means dealing with paxful is unsecure and and extremely risky. (See picture).

There is an scam exit of paxful we discovered from users reports. Our requirements are tougher than any others. As the scam rate is getting higher and high, it is important to have a strict trust index. Choose Deriv trust index as your favourite index to invest or buy and you will always be safe.


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The Deriv Trust Score of some companies (physcial and online)

1. Paysafe                        2 Stars

2.        2 Stars

3.                1 Star

4. Microsoft                   4 Stars

5. Paypal                        3 Stars

6.                         1 Star

7. Burger House            2 Stars

8. digitalshop                 1 Star

9. Intenso GMBH          3 Stars

10. Bank of America   3 Stars

11. Rosemary & Bro      1 Star


Above are some companies derivtrust score. If you want to check another company Deriv trust score, go to and check. If the company does not have a deriv trust index yet, you can add it as a company Derivtrust will do the rest for the assessment.

If you want a company where you had experience (or a company you plan to invest on) to be assessed and given a Deriv trust score, go to and add it, derivtrust will review the infos and approve it if all is fine.